Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pregnancy Stretch Marks - How To Prevent It?


Mengandung ni macam-macam perubahan bleh berlaku pada diri kita.. Emotionally and physically. Selain dari perut yang dari hari ke hari membuncit, ada masalah lain jugak iaitu stretchmarks. Tak sure pulak aku dalam BM panggil ape. Selulit ke eh? huhu..

Stretchmarks ni bukan saja ada kat perut tapi kat breast pun kadang-kadang ada. Yela, masa pregnant kan breast pun turut membesar, jadi stretchmarks pun ada jugakla. Lain-lain tempat ialah di peha, betis, lengan..

Stretchmarks ni takde sape pun nak kan sebab tak cantik huhu.. So apa yang kita bleh buat to prevent it? :)

Step 1
Eat a very healthy diet to nourish your skin (and your baby) from the inside out. Take your prenatal vitamins and eat the right amount of calories from healthy foods which provide plenty of calcium, protein, whole grains, and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.

Step 2
Drink eight or more glasses of water and/or other fluids daily to hydrate your skin and maintain elasticity.

Step 3
Follow guidelines for gradual weight gain, in the recommended amount. This should be about 25-35 pounds if you're a healthy weight, slightly more if you're underweight or expecting twins and slightly less if you're overweight. The faster you gain weight during pregnancy, the more likely it is you will get stretch marks.

Step 4
Moisturize your breasts, belly, sides, lower back, thighs, legs and anywhere else you think you might get stretch marks at least morning and night if you wish. Creams and lotions have not been medically proven to prevent stretch marks as they cannot penetrate to the deep skin layer where stretch marks occur, but they can help your skin to feel less dry and itchy. Proper exfoliation of the skin also helps promote new and healthy skin growth. Cocoa butter, almond oil and shea butter are marvelous choices. Also wheatgerm oil. If you can find pure Lanolin, it works very well. If you notice itching where your skin is being stretched, that is a sign to add more moisturizer in that area. A good over the counter treatment for stretch marks is Zenmed's Stretta. It contains high grade glycolic acid and medicinal botanical extracts that help to erase the marks quickly without causing any irritation or itching.

Step 5
Continue regimen after you deliver until you're back to your target weight -- rapid weight loss can also result in stretch marks!


  1. coca butter is the ade kt myk zaiton lg elok...try le mane2 pon...mai pakai cocoa butter palmer's nih....selain bau die sedap...(rs mcm nak makan!!)....n alhamdulillah strectmark mai hanya trhad di perut sahaja....i started using this product since i noticed 2 lines on my tummy!!....n till mcm takde penambahan line...setakat 2 line tu jer....kene rajin sapu ler....

  2. ayda mnyesal sb x aware psl stretchmarks ni since early stage of pregnancy,start using bio-oil since perut 6bln,itu pn jarang2 sgt nk sapu..skg ni dh nmpak garis2 kt bawah perut,n mak ckp nnt bile dh deliver garis ni akan semakin jelas...huhu xcantikla perut nnt :(

  3. mai
    wani pon pakai palmer's cocoa butter. memang sedap kan bau dia. rasa nak letak banyak-banyak haha.. wani so far takde lagi line line ni k tak perasan xtaula huhu.. memang kena rajin-rajin sapu...

    takleh hilang ke after deliver? huhu.. boleh kot.. banyak2 minum air n sapu krim/minyak k

  4. yg penting, amal kena sapu tiap2 hari dan maintain ok...

    cam akak dulu, sapu sket2 pastu asik lupa je, so tak nmpak beza pun...huhuhuuuu

    mmg berbirat badan ni,
    tak leh pakai bikini lagi...hahahaha

  5. mama noriz
    sekarang saya sapu memalam sebelum tido je.. sapu banyak2 sebab suka bau cocoa butter palmer ni haha..
    adeii, tak hilang ke bekas stretchmark ni??